About Us

We are a family who loves to eat. Like many modern families, we’re spread out across the country, and sometimes even the globe. And so we found we wanted to create a space—an online family recipe box—where we could share our favorite food with each other, and with family and friends.

These are recipes we’ve grown up with, plus new ones we’ve experimented with and collected as our skills expanded (the family boasts at least two culinary school grads). Some pull inspiration from our Italian/Swedish/Scottish heritage. Recipes from new in-law families and friends are included. You’ll also find articles on entertaining.

These are recipes we love, that we’d like to share with you. We hope you enjoy cooking and eating the recipes on our site! Please feel free to pass them on.

Confession: We’ll sometimes give shortcuts to simplify recipes. These tricks of the trade walk the line between everyday and gourmet, and make cooking good food easy, efficient and budget-friendly.

Ultimately, eating is essential to life. It’s something we do each day, so why not make a routine task into something special, and elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary?

A note on copyright: Legally speaking, recipes are not copyrighted, but pictures are. It’s typical for cooks to make adjustments while following a recipe, essentially making it their own.

If you would like to get in touch, please leave a comment or email cookeatloveshare@gmail.com. XOXO

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